Newsflash, everyone! The PC I would usually do my comics on decided that it did not like Windows 10. During the entire installation process, it kept overheating. Once the dang thing was installed, it would last about half an hour before shutting itself down. I uninstalled it and hoped for the best, but yesterday that old PC decided that things inside were going to start popping and smoking. Needless to say, that computer is not being used any longer. I had a Mac from school, but you know what I didn’t have? The dang discs for Manga Studio. I’ve bought replacements (actually upgraded a tiny bit, too) but if you’d like to help me cover the cost of a new PC so I can once again access all of my files and continue working on things, then support me on Patreon or just buy something from me. I do writing and art commissions and there’s some merchandise if you want it.

Also, funny story: drew the entire comic in Gimp (it took hours longer than it should have) and I did a horrible lettering job before I realized I could download a Manga Studio demo. Except you can’t export files with the demo. So yeah. In any case, comic complete.

For the comic, this is the final part of the Message in a Bottle trilogy. Part One is here. Part Two is here.